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Nothing is impossible with Christ

I had a conversation with my dad a few weeks ago and he made me understand a few things that I had misunderstood for years. You see, we do not have a crystal ball to forsee the future and God can move mountains, change lives, and save souls! Who was I to think that God could not bring my family together?  Wow, I was sabatoging my family with a lack of faith.

God wants families together, building their foundation on His word, raising our children with a core value of beliefs to be the vessels they too were born to be.

Now, I put my trust in God that He will bless my family. So keeping the focus on living a life as God instructs us to, love unconditionally, exhibit the fruits of the spirit, and treat others the way we want to be treated. Share the Word with our brothers and sisters and be the light unto others!

God bless you and your family :)

Poise Pad to Patent

Many times people ask me how did you patent the Cleavage Caddy and they are shocked when I tell them I took my poise pads and made a prototype. Did I spend $1200 for a prototype? No, I made something that was good enough to convey to someone who could make it.

If I could take a pad and make a viable product selling around the world, you can make your prototype too! I am working on a Patent Secret and Tips book that will save you thousands of dollars…stay tuned!

Reach for your dreams, if you don’t no one else will do it for you. Follow your intuition not anyone else’s even family. I will tell you how keep your product made in America and profit from your shipping to make up for the cost. I will tell you where to find reasonable manufacturers who have low minimums and good quality. Need hang tags, supplies, support system, and PR, I will share these with you.

Start your journey, begin with your idea and start to think like an inventor- it will manifest right in front of you. Then share it with others!

Your Mentor,


American Made vote at
Could use your help to spread the word, this could be the opportunity I have worked so hard for all these years. I woudn’t have it without my family, friends, and  ABWA support. God bless!

Humble Pie…

Why is it so hard as a Christian to humble ourselves when we feel we have been done wrong? Pride is one of the 7 sins and yet when you get hit in the pride area of our carnal lives it makes us rise up to fight as if it was an injustice.

My pride (individual identity) was crushed yesterday and my reaction was explosive to say the least. I lost all reason and anxiety/adrenaline ran my flesh, my mouth, and my being. I have always been a person who tries not to let pride rule me, we are here for God’s purpose anyway and  pride takes us away from that goal.

Today was “humble pie” day and it was a blessing in disguise. I admit I kind of did fight it but in the end all was well. Trust in God and not yourself, we on our own can do NOTHING!

Praying Against God…

For 14 years I have prayed for my relationship to work, intuitively knowing it never would. Prayer after prayer I asked God to bring my family together, surely if I kept trying and asking- God would work miracles. It always seemed liked the universe was trying to keep us apart. I remember watching the Adjustment Bureau and thinking that is exactly what happens in our relationship. Missed phone calls, bad reception, lost calls, an unexpected visit at my place when I am on my way to see him, misunderstanding intentions, and others interferring. Just never give up and it will happen, maybe? NO!

In order for God to use you, you have to be available to him. You have to heed your calling and listen when He calls. Many of us know what is right yet we have the nerve to ask God to make the wrong a right.

Equally yoked is in the Bible for a reason and it is imparitive we find a mate who is of the same mindset, faith, and character as you are. Opposites attract but I have yet to find lasting substance in the other person.

I give up on looking for Mr. Right, if he is out there I now trust God will bring him to me. Until then I will continue to live my life and enjoy it!

Confronting fear head on…

Last Thursday morning was the most terrifying day of my life! This was the day I opened my door to a trusted “friend” of my son. It was very early in the morning when most people are still sleeping. I thought he needed help to find my son but boy was I wrong. Without saying to much I found myself in a difficult position fright or flight, would I be a victim or a victor?

I have always been good at running from my problem but this time I had nowhere to hide. I stopped and thought for a split second, my intuition told me to confidently leave the house and do not let him sense my fear. Let him think you are anxious to find your son. Did I have fear to face him?-yes but I followed my instincts and it startled him. He ended up following me out the door.

Lesson- Alcohol is consumed, but alcohol also consumes you. All that you have fed your soul is brought to the surface. These violent video games, music, and TV shows creep into people especially our youth and the alcohol brings down their inhibitions. You do not know anyone under the influence!



Pinch me now……

Life is amazing and how quickly things can change when you keep believing. I have read about people reaching their goals and dreams but for me? I was told I had to have a degree to do the work I love doing. I looked into going back to school but my credits were not transferable after all these years. The alerts kept coming through my e-mail but I kept looking at the qualifications and ignoring them. I was led to buy Joyce Meyers book, “Never Give Up!” and was inspired to go after what I wanted. I decided that now understanding what my strengths are, I was blessed with the qualifications and my life has given me the personal experience. I had taken a step back with my current job as far as salary goes so I could gain the experience of case management. When I went in to interview I was asked what qualification do I feel I have for this position. I prayed and asked for God’s guidance, I stated that I am naturally gifted with the skills. I explained that according to my strengths I am a connection person, creative ideas are always flowing through me to add innovation to projects, gathering resources and anything that would be of useful information to others is another thing so this would help me discover resources to improve their quality of life, maximizing the situation and seeing the best in people will help bring out the spirit in these individuals, and being pro-active by nature will help be two steps ahead of any possible situations that may arise. As I was speaking, the enthusiasm was apparent and as I answered the rest of the questions I could see that the difficult people and situations I have dealt with prepared me for this interview and problem solving skills. I then asked for the highest salary range and got it!

Believe in yourself and trust in the Lord, HE is in the driver’s seat not us. Regardless what the world says, God is the AUTHOR of our story! Never give up!

A day of reflection…

Upon reflection of the day I find myself questioning where I fit in this world. Should I change who I am and find some clear direction or do I live following my intuition, drive, passions and faith.Though others may not understand the method to the madness and frankly nor do I.  I am a visionary that gets excited about ideas and the purpose behind the idea, who it can help and if it inspires them. I am not a make appointment/date sort of person (majority of the time)excpt in my professional life if it is required. I am spontaneous and there are days I follow my intuition and it leads me where I am meant to be. I may pop in to see a client, a referral provider, a friend, or a family member and we will find ourselves realizing we were meant to talk, share ideas/information, or to lend a shoulder/ear. There are so many times when I find myself saying, “Thank you Lord for guiding me here”.

So talking with some friends today it became clear to me that I am what I am because of life and things I have been through. I do not get really close to people because I always end up getting hurt. I will only let my family get close though I have been hurt by them to at times. I am an “open book” the good, the bad, and the ugly, it is important to me to be genuine and own my “closet”. My mother used to tell me I am too honest but that is my nature. I think others can learn from my faults, as well as my attributes.

My friends are people I accept for who they are and  I see the spirit within each one of them some are from elementary school, some from highschool, some from college, some were co-workers, networking friends, and those in senior care who have similar passions, goals, and ethics. I love the fact I can call anytime or pop in anytime and pick up where we left off.

My friends know I get it, I have gone through post-pardum depression, lived at The Opportunity House for 3 months with my oldest son until I got back on my feet, have lived without my youngest son to ensure he has stability and is happy and healthy. I have a sister who struggles with mental illness, a nephew who is autistic with turrets and has epilespy, a father who had 89% of his body burned, and experienced the loss of my mom at the age of 53 due to pancreatic cancer. The loss of my youngest son in my daily life is only bareable because he is happy, healthy, stable and very loved. I used to cry myself to sleep until I learned to keep my mind occupied.

I asked the Lord to use me as His vessel and each day I see that we are all connected in a spiritual way. I read as much as I can as long as it is of interest to me, or I can help someone with the knowledge at a later time. Writing is therapeutic for me and always has been if it touches someone elses’ spirit then all the better.

I am a friend for life whether we ever talk again or not you have touched my life and I will think of you again!

Be your childs biggest fan!

Many years ago when I was overwhelmed with my older son I was at wits end. Everyday it seemed I was getting calls about his behavior and I can’t tell you how many discussions led into medicating him. Now, as he had been in many different schools the “educational diagnosis” was different with each “specialist”. I had heard some doosies so I took each one with a grain of salt. My oldest son is now on honor roll, as polite as all get out, independent minded, responsible, and he knows I have and always will believe in him regardless of those who are quick to judge. When I finally agreed to have him professionally tested he did not have what those “experts” said he had. I would have been talked into medicating him for opinion based diagnosis’.

I thank God that I knew he was and always will be God’s child, I am here to host and raise/guide him to be a sucessful young man that contributes to society in a positive manner. I look back on my daily journal and see that everday I asked the Lord to watch over him and guide him where he needs to be. There are resources out there and I thank God that we discovered some of them. My son still has his moments but we all do and knowing that he is loved and appreciated for his God -given talents, his potential, and his spirit is priceless. He knows his mom is his biggest fan! Look at your gift and be your childs biggest fan today and forever!

Stick with it…..

Today was supposed to be our 2nd Dream Support Network meeting but due to scheduling conflicts we had to cancel. I must admit my mind told me to just forget the whole thing obviously it isn’t meant to be or it would work. I attended a meeting today and Steve Campbell was the speaker, he wrote Making Your Mind Magnificent and I would recommend this book to anyone because he shows us in many different ways how our mind works in ways we wouldn’t believe possible. While listening to him again which was a refreshener class because I did read his book, I took inventory of what I have been telling myself about my mission in life. You see the Lord gives us dreams and desires, everyone of us has our own natural talents that will help us complete our mission, our purpose. The combination of talents, desires, dreams, and skills give us the tools to be the vessel but our drive, ambition, and action are essential to accomplishing these goals. I realized today I still have the dream, desire, and talent to bring the Dream Support Network to fruition but I began to lack the drive, ambition, and motivation to perservere. A number of my friends asked me how it was going and I told them where we were at and some of the wonderful projects we were working on and before I could say it just isn’t working they said, “I want to know where your doing that!” Wow, you talk about a spark that was all I needed to hear to know nothing can stop the progress except me.

So, today I am asking everyone to write down their dreams, talents, and skills. Then write down what you want to accomplish, how you will feel when they are accomplished, and what you will do when you have reached your dream.

Now, to get caught up we are drawing a circle with everything that you reprent in the center using words good, bad and other. Next, cross out the negative word and repalce it with a positive and begin to own this as your truth. For example, I saw myself as overweight and at 198 lbs,  I was but I crossed this out and wrote 172lbs (this is my ideal weight). I began to tell myself everyday I weigh 172 lbs, started drinking water, eating breakfast, getting more sleep, and stopped eating after 7:30pm. I now weigh 189lbs and am dropping. Yes, I told you my weight because I am owning it happily! It is important to have faith with works or it will not work.

What baggage are you carrying? Change your mind and it will change you! Love yourself, you are worthy of it!