Confronting fear head on…

Last Thursday morning was the most terrifying day of my life! This was the day I opened my door to a trusted “friend” of my son. It was very early in the morning when most people are still sleeping. I thought he needed help to find my son but boy was I wrong. Without saying to much I found myself in a difficult position fright or flight, would I be a victim or a victor?

I have always been good at running from my problem but this time I had nowhere to hide. I stopped and thought for a split second, my intuition told me to confidently leave the house and do not let him sense my fear. Let him think you are anxious to find your son. Did I have fear to face him?-yes but I followed my instincts and it startled him. He ended up following me out the door.

Lesson- Alcohol is consumed, but alcohol also consumes you. All that you have fed your soul is brought to the surface. These violent video games, music, and TV shows creep into people especially our youth and the alcohol brings down their inhibitions. You do not know anyone under the influence!




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